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Meet the Blacks

Some years ago in Hollywood they make parodies of films and that is what we see in this film, that is a parodia of the franchise “The Purgue”.
In Meet the Blacks, we’re going to meet an African American family, the Blacks, who have decided to leave their home to move to Chicago. There, the head of the family hopes to find better opportunities for all.
The problem is that his arrival in the city coincides with the one known as “La Purga”. This purge lasts twenty hours and is held once a year. In those hours the crime is legal and emergency services do not work.
Thus, it can be said that the Black family has arrived in the city at the worst time, because they do not know it and will have to hide well, because during those twenty hours anyone can kill them without consequences.
A difficult night awaits you, although the family may not be as helpless as it seems at first glance.

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