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Midnight Special

In The Midnight Special, Roy is a troubled father for protecting his son Alton. The boy has developed a kind of supernatural powers, so his father is doing his best to protect him from himself and others.
The boy seems to have a series of visions about the future of the Earth, visions that do not like too much certain sectors of society, sectors that are chasing the father and son.
The Government persecutes them to lock up the boy, because it seems that their forecasts can overuse the minds of the citizens, something that no government that desires its own.
For its part, a group of religious fanatics disagrees with what the child says, so it also pursues them, with worse intentions that the government if it fits. Will father and son be saved from their persecutors?
It seems that they are going to need a miracle to get out of the persecutions they are being subjected to.

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