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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Two brothers have to go to a wedding in Hawaii and they can not go it alone, so they have to look for a partner. Both brothers are known to be very party-goers, so it’s not easy for them to find a partner.
That’s why they decide to put an advertisement on the internet to find a partner for the wedding and that’s how they find two girls who are willing to go with them. The girls look like partyies, so they fit well with the two brothers.
Both brothers are happy, since they have finally found a partner and closely resembles their way of being. However, they will find that their partners have the same flaw.
They do not think there may be women who like the party more than they, but they have found them. It turns out that both are uncontrollable, so they will drive both brothers crazy, who will regret the announcement they put on the network.

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