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Minions are a living sign of evolution. Its origin goes back to the beginning of time, in which they were microscopic unicellular organisms. Little by little, they evolved into what they are now, a despicable series.
The Minions are despicable because since they evolved they have always done the same, serving the most despicable beings of every age. Where there was a villain there were Minions serving him.
With the passage of time their villains die. They believe their duty is to keep them alive and suffer from depression. That’s why some Minions are looking for a new master to last longer.
At last they find a new master to serve. For the first time in their history, the Minions are going to serve a woman, Scarlet Overkill. She is a terrible villain who will carry these curious characters around the world, but who will also bring them to the verge of annihilation.

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