Miracles from Heaven

In Miracles from Heaven, Christy and Kevin are the parents of three beautiful girls in Texas. There the five live happily on a ranch until something happens that tarnishes family happiness.
This is Annabel, one of the girls, who suddenly becomes ill. He suffers from terrible pains in his stomach, so that his parents worry and immediately go to see the doctor, who begins to test the child.
The girl has a stomach disease that seems incurable, although doctors try to subtract iron because they do not really know how to treat the girl, who suffers a lot.
Her mother suffers even more, because she sees that she can not help the child despite the fact that she does everything in her power so that the pain and illness can go away. Her daughter gets worse at times and that shatters her.
One day, the girl is in a terrible accident. His mother thinks he will lose her, but on the contrary, that accident causes Annabel to heal, which seems a miracle that no one can believe.

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