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Night Owls

Kevin and Madeleine meet on one of those crazy nights when alcohol runs fast. The two go home together, to spend the night together, and Kevin discovers something terrible. It turns out that Madeleine is the former lover of his boss, which can bring him many problems.
The worst is not that, but Madeleine, because of alcohol, takes a whole box of sleeping pills. That can be a serious problem and end up in the emergency department. In this way it is possible that the boss of Kevin finds out and that the scandal is known in all its near circle.
That’s why Kevin spends the night talking to Madeleine. The idea is not to fall asleep and thus not have to go to the emergency doctor. Kevin hopes that no one will find out what has happened and save his job.
What happens is that little by little they both fall in love, so that Kevin is going to have to face the problem with his boss sooner or later.

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