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Nine Lives

In My Papa is a Cat (Nine Lives), Tom Brand is one of those executives that everyone hates. He does not conceive of life without work, always on the edge and leaving aside the scruples, which he does not have and that is why he has been rising in his company.
Her daughter’s birthday arrives and she is going to buy her a gift, in order to compensate her in some way, since her family is not happy with the kind of life she is carrying, nothing familiar.
He decides to buy a cat from a rather strange man, although the truth is that he does not give much importance to it and goes with his cat, to take it to his daughter.
When Tom goes home, after a long day at work, he suffers a very serious accident that leaves him in a coma. The rarest thing is that Tom’s mind comes out of his body and gets into the cat’s body.
That will make Tom start to see things differently, and realize what is important and what is not.

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