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Norm of the North

Norman is one of many bears that lead a peaceful life in the Arctic. However, his days there are numbered and as always this is the man’s fault, specifically a businessman who has a delusional project.
This corporation wants to colonize the Arctic, the last wild redoubt of the planet and to make there several complexes of buildings of luxury. In this way, a place so inhospitable would become a tourist area more.
Noman decides that he has to stop that madness and that’s why he leaves his home to go to New York. In that trip will be accompanied by three lemmings, that have become his friends.
All three will have to devise a plan to enter the company of the builder, and once inside, try to convince them that building in the Arctic is a lousy idea. The success of his plan depends on the life of Norman and that of thousands of other animals.

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