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Paper Towns

In the film Paper Towns, Quentin is the classic teenager in love and unrequited. He has no luck with the girls and with his neighbor Margo there is no exception. He is in love with her, but she ignores him.
One day, someone calls your window at night. To her surprise, the caller is her neighbor Margo, who enters her bedroom. Everything is even more surprising, since her neighbor is dressed as a ninja.
Margo makes Quentin a proposition. She wants to take revenge on all the people who have hurt her and he accepts, more to be with her than to take revenge on those who had laughed at him.
The two are left the next day, but Margo does not show up. No one knows anything about her, so Quentin suspects something bad has happened to her. From that moment on he will begin to search for her with all his might, for he does not want to part with her.

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