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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

This movie Paranormal Activity: The Phantom Dimension is presented as a false documentary, in which we will see the life of the Fleege family. The family consists of the couple, Ryan and Emilie, and their six-year-old daughter. All together they have moved to Palo Alto, since Ryan is a video game designer going to work at Rockstar Games, which is in this locality. In addition his brother Mike lives right next to him.
When they get to the house they realize that the previous tenants have left some things. Among them is a box with tapes and a camera that do not know how to handle. They can not avoid the temptation to see the tapes, in which they see two girls, Kristi and Katie, with a very rare attitude.
Soon after seeing the tapes, strange things begin to happen in the Fleege’s house. It seems that in the house there is some paranormal force that makes the house happen the rare phenomena.

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