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This film is a remake of the horror classic of the same name that premiered in 1982 and has already become a mythical movie horror film. As in the original movie, it all begins when a family moves into a new home with their children.
The Bowen family, who is the protagonist of the remake, soon notice that strange things happen in the house. There are ghosts, but they take it to laugh because at first they do not hurt them. They see how things move on their own and they have a lot of fun.
Phenomena do not take long to change. From fun to violent, because the ghosts or whatever is in the house begins to attack them, which no longer pleases them. In addition, the worst is yet to come.
One fine day, the little girl of the Bowen disappears without a trace. They know the reason, so they start looking for it with all the means at their fingertips.

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