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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

In Popstar: Never Stop (StoStar: Never Stop Never Stopping), Conner4Rea is a music star that is going through its worst moments. The reason is the failure of his second album, which has not been sold as much as he and the record company expected.
What happens is normal, because many artists are choking their second album, which they say is the most difficult of all, because it is in which you have to confirm what you gave in the first.
Their fans are disappointed and do not know what to do and the same thing happens to their rivals, because you already know that in the world of rap it is important to be aware of what your rivals do to attack them.
Conner4Rea does everything to try to get back to being famous, but does not do what could actually bring him back to fame, which is to reunite with his former rap group, from which he split a while ago.

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