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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, takes place in nineteenth-century England where the Bennets are a wealthy family who have five adorable daughters, of marriageable age. That carries a lot of work for the parents, although something will happen that will make them forget the marriages, at least for the moment.
Suddenly, something in the quiet village of Meryton happens. The dead of the cemetery begin to rise and attack the living. At first they are few, but soon they become a plague.
Fortunately, the Bennet sisters have been trained by their father to fight, so the five of them are able to defend their home, killing a huge number of neighbors who are now walking dead.
Elizabeth is the sister who fights best, but her attention will be diverted when Mr. Darcy arrives in town. Thus, she is going to focus on trying to marry him, leaving aside his work against the zombies, something that can cost him dearly.

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