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Puerto Ricans in Paris

In Dos Boricuas in Paris (Puerto Ricans in Paris), Luis and Eddie are two New York police officers of Puerto Rican origin. In one of their missions they end up investigating the robbery of a bag, or rather, the robbery of the design of a bag, in what is a case of industrial espionage.
Colette is the designer of the bag and the one that denounces her theft, which is assigned to these two agents. Soon they learn that the thief has taken the bag to Paris, a fashion city in which to sell the design.
In this way, Luis and Eddie go to Paris, to continue their investigation, leaving to their pairs in New York, pairs that knowing the two policemen do not believe that they are successful in their mission in France.
In Paris, the two policemen discover a new world for them, full of sophistication, glamor and falsehood in equal parts, a world in which they do not fit.

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