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The Purge: Election Year

In The Purge 3: Election Year (also known as 12 Hours To Survive: The Year Of The Election), Charlie Roan is a senator who is against La Purga, the annual night in which anything goes, including murder, And nothing has consequences. He believes that it is something that harms those who do not have the resources to defend themselves, that is, the poorest, the disadvantaged.
At the moment he can not do anything, although he wants to end this habit as soon as possible, and that is why he presents himself to the presidential elections, from where he wants to end with La Purga.
In his security team he has Leo Barnes as chief, a man who in one of the purges forgave the man who killed his son. He has left that behind and now lives a more or less normal life protecting the senator.
La Purga arrives and the senator is a target, because all those who do not want the custom to disappear want to eliminate it, thus preventing the senator to end with La Purga when she is president.

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