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¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?

Maru and Renato are a young couple who meet on a night of drunkenness and end up lying down just like many couples do today, a habit that no one seems wrong.
What happens is that the drunkenness did not take precautions, so you are met with an unpleasant surprise for them at that time, a surprise in the form of pregnancy and child.
Abortion is not very well seen in Mexico, so now they have to decide what they do with the child, who is not to blame for the unconsciousness of their parents, who have just complicated life for a night of passion and alcohol.
What will the two decide? Will they have the help of their parents? Will they live together? Throughout the film, and in the form of comedy, we will see what these two unconscious do, since his life is about to take a radical turn.

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