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Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet lives on the planet Veldin and his dream is to be one of the heroes of Galactic Space Rangers. He hopes to be part of the group one day and while working in a garage repair garage, work he does not like too much.
One day Qwark, who is the leader of the Galactic Space Rangers summons a test, as he needs new members. Ratchet finally sees an opportunity and presents himself to the tests, with the idea of leaving the garage once and for all.
In parallel, and while the tests are going on, let’s look at the villain Drek. This villain has an evil plan, which consists of destroying a planet using a tool of his invention, to which he has put the ridiculous name of the Deslopathizer.
When the Galactic Space Rangers learn of Drek’s plans they will run to prevent it, so it is possible that Ratchet will soon have the opportunity to prove his worth.

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