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In Rebirth, Kyle is a family father, who like many men in his situation is trapped between work and his family, not having a single minute for himself. When he leaves work he goes straight home and that is his daily routine.
One day he meets Zack, an old friend who has always loved the party. Kyle tells him his problem and asks Zack what he does to have so much energy and time at his age.
Zack tells him his secret. It is something called “Renaissance”, which is actually a seminar where techniques are taught to be able to organize better and have time every day.
Kyle seduces the idea, so that from the hand of his friend he approaches this seminar. There, you will realize that what Zack told you is true, but that omitted that in exchange for having time for him will have to give something in return, take a cost that does not know well if he can assume.

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