Ride Along 2

Ben is a security guard at an institute that is addicted to video games. When he does not spend his time working or playing with Angela, the woman he is in love with and wants to marry.
The problem is that Angela has a brother, James, who is not willing to accept a simple security guard in his family. James is a policeman, and the best, so he hopes that the one who wants to be his brother-in-law lives up to it.
Ben believes that the best solution is to become a police officer, so he enters the academy and gets approved. So, James will not be able to oppose his relationship with Angela, but James does not give up so easily.
When Ben leaves the academy, his future brother-in-law prepares a frightening turn for the novice to give up, which he will not do, although he will put James in danger because he does not stop talking.

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