We are going to Jerusalem in the time of the Romans. The Romans occupy the area and the governor is Pontius Pilate, who is well known thanks to the Bible and the films that have been made about it.
To this prefect of Judea, to Pontius, arrives a strange news that he wants to investigate. A few verisimilar rumors have come to his ears, but he wants to know them without being true.
Specifically, it is said that a Nazarene preacher was crucified, something true, and that his body has disappeared after three days. Pontius wants to know what has happened to the body, perhaps with the intention of preventing this crucified person from becoming a martyr.
To investigate he uses a young centurion, who will receive orders directly from the prefect. He will be in charge of ascertaining the truth, of knowing what has happened to the body of the Nazarene who died on the cross.

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