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Robinson Crusoe

Mak is a macaw living on a tropical island in the mid-17th century. The island is a paradise, which we all have in mind when we imagine paradise on Earth, but Mak is unhappy with his life.
He wants action, discover new lands and meet new animals, something that happens when Robinson Crusoe arrives on the island from a shipwreck. In spite of being a human, he soon joined Mak’s group and his friends.
Robinson is the opportunity that the macaw was waiting for, because of course, wants to return to civilization as soon as possible, a trip that will accompany Mak, to finally have the opportunity to live adventures.
The problem is that Robinson does not come alone. In the same boat went several cats, that soon arrive at the island, which they are going to want to dominate, taking advantage of their cunning and their abilities.

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