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Jack is a happy, five-year-old boy who knows no world but his own room. In it develops all his life, that is to say, he eats there, plays with his mother, sleeps and does all the activities of a child his age.
His mother, on the other hand, is not so happy. She is happy to have her son, but she can not leave the room either, because she has been kidnapped for seven years by a disgusting old man whom she hates and fears at the same time.
The woman has done her best to get by, something her son has helped her with. With much love he has prepared a small room in the room so that he can play, but little by little that place is small.
As he grows up, the child is asking questions, because he does not see normal being locked up all day. That makes the mother despair, because she knows that her son can not be locked up any longer.

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