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Savva. Serdtse voina

Savva is a ten-year-old boy who is suffering from the spell that weighs on his village, surrounded by hyenas, which have locked up the population in their houses, without letting them out. If they do, they are very likely to die from the attacks of these animals.
Savva is a good child by nature, so much so that he is dedicated to helping his mother. In that way, he can not allow her to suffer and so does her village, so she embarks on what will be the adventure of her life.
Savva is willing to do anything to save the village from the curse, so he sets out on a journey into a strange world, one of those magical worlds he had heard about but which he did not know.
Will this child be able to rid the village? He’s going to have it very difficult, because he does not know the world of magic, something fundamental if he wants to fight against a curse.

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