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The Scorpion King The Lost Throne

Mathayus is a former king who now earns his living as a murderer or warrior, wherever they require his services. Although it has been a while since he left the king, he has never forgotten.
Once again, he embarks on a mission in order to regain his throne, which is what he most wants, since the life he carries is not appropriate for someone like him, even though he is already getting used to being a mercenary.
Now, in addition to reclaiming the throne has a new incentive for his mission. This one will also serve, if it succeeds, to recover the peace in its earth, which is happening by convulsive moments that are suffering those that one day were its subjects.
In front of him, as is the norm, he has a fearsome opponent, at least in his height, although he may be more powerful than himself, something that will not stop him.

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