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Secret In Their Eyes

Ray and Jess are two FBI investigators who have been together for a long time and that is why they have a good friendship. One day both are relieved of their position along with the district attorney, because a teenager appears dead.
The teen is not just any girl, but Jess’s daughter, so everyone is relieved of their positions, being emotionally involved with the victim in one way or another.
It is obvious that Jess is very affected, so much that perhaps it will have to go of FBI forever. That is why Ray is the one who investigates, although the years go by and he does not get any clue.
Thirteen years later, when no one else but him continues to investigate Jess’s death he finally finds a clue that allows him to advance in the investigation and perhaps find the culprit, who already believes that no one will find him past all that time.

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