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The Secret Life of Pets

In the movie The Secret Life of your Pets, there are animals that are luckier than others. Among the first is Max, a dog who is fortunate to live in a good home in New York, a home that does not lack anything.
From night to day his life changes to worse, or so he believes. The reason is that a new dog comes home, called Duke. That should be a source of joy for Max, because he will have company, but he is not happy because he is afraid that he will take his place and soon appear the first fictions.
The rivalry between them continues to increase, but that rivalry is parked when they learn of the plan being carried out by an abandoned rabbit. Snowball, that is the name of the rabbit, was abandoned by its owners, reason why it wants revenge.
To get revenge, Snowball is gathering an army of abandoned pets. With this army, this rabbit wants to take revenge on both the owners and their pets, so that the life of Max, Duke and its owner is in danger.

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