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Seeds of Yesterday

In this TV movie called Seeds of Yesterday, Cathy and Chris are a couple who are having a bad time, because they are trapped by a curse that not only threatens them, but also does the same with their children. The two are distressed at the possibility that something happens to their children, but for the moment they can do little.
The curse comes from Foxworth Hall. Their spectrum is the one that threatens them every day and they have to live with it because of something that happened in the past and that they do not want to be known.
However, in the end it seems that the threat to their children is more serious than it seems, so this marriage decides that it is time to do something for the curse to end, or at least not affect their children.
This is how, now, after many years of suffering, this marriage seems to see the light at the end of the tunnel in which they were long engaged.

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