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Shark Lake

In Shark Lake, Meredith Hernandez is the sheriff of Lake Tahoe, a small coastal town where nothing ever happens. In addition to Sheriff Meredith is also a mother, so the facts that we are going to see on the tape worry her even more.
On the coast there have always been sharks, but they have never attacked the inhabitants of the area, the bathers. However, now there have been two attacks in a row, attacks that have aroused the curiosity of scientists and in turn have caused the residents to live in terror, without daring to approach the beach.
The sheriff goes to investigate the cases, as they are rare, and for this he will have the help of a specialist in sharks, who comes from outside to help in what he can and reassure the neighbors of the area.
Between the two they will begin to inquire to see what happens. Little by little they will discover it, which far from reassuring them will alarm them more.

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