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Special Correspondents

A radio journalist and his sound technician are dedicated to deceiving their audience, convincing them that they are in Ecuador, when in fact they are throughout the center of New York, comfortably installed in their offices.
As their deception succeeds they decide to take their deception further. During one of the retransmissions decide to invent a kidnapping, to give more excitement to the program and to engage the audience.
They say that there is a revolt and that they are kidnapping them, but they do not expect the public opinion of their country to echo that kidnapping, and to become famous. At that moment they realize their mistake.
Far from solving it by telling the truth, they continue with the deception and they go to Ecuador, where they will try to pretend the kidnapping so as not to be bad before all their country, that would not forgive the farce to them if this one is discovered, something that is possible pass.

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