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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

It’s not common to see SpongeBob out of the water and that’s what happens on this tape. Along with Bob we will see his friends in the animation series, such as Squidward, Lord Crab or Squirrel, the squirrel who needs a diving suit to live under the sea.
All these characters are now going to be in our world, on the surface. The tape mixes the animation with the real images, making it a unique opportunity to see Bob and his friends in a different way than usual.
The reason to see these friends outside their natural element is a robbery. Apparently, a kind of pirate has stolen one of SpongeBob’s famous recipes, those that make the place where hamburgers are always full.
Your task will be to find the thief and retrieve your prescription so that no one can copy it.

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