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Star Trek Beyond

In this new movie Star Trek Beyond, the USS Enterprise is a Starfleet ship, but the truth is that it is not a ship but its flagship, its most emblematic ship and in which Are his best men, patrolling to ensure peace in the galaxy.
James T. Kirk is their captain and at their command the ship begins a routine mission for them, a mission that consists of patrolling to make a reconnaissance. However, the routine mission is complicated.
The ship has an accident and ends up almost destroyed. In such unfavorable conditions, the ship has to face Kral, the leader of a very advanced alien race, which is going to engage in combat with the captain.
James T. Kirk has to face the most important challenge of his career, for which he will need the help of all his men. His only chance for survival is to return to Earth as soon as possible, but Kral stands in his way.

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