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Star Wars The Force Awakens

In the movie Star Wars: Episode VII – The awakening of force, it has been thirty years since the epic battle that faced the Rebel Alliance against the Second Death Star, with victory of the first. Despite the victory, the galaxy is still at war.
Now there is a new Republic, but it has to face a criminal organization that has just emerged and is called The First Order. This organization has not come out of nowhere, but has made it from what remained of the Galactic Empire.
The heroes we all know about the previous films are together and fighting in the Resistance against the organization of The First Order. In addition, the resistance has new members, such as BB-8, a rolling android or Finn, a valuable asset because I fight alongside The First Order and deserted.
In front of them they have all sorts of evil personalities, such as Captain Phasma or the fearsome Kylo Ren, an enemy who is recognized at a distance because he always carries with him a strange saber of red laser light.

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