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In the movie Storks: The story that they did not tell you, storks have been in charge of carrying babies with their families for many centuries, but now they have lost that function and are dedicated to carrying packages for a company that sells through Internet.
Junior is one of those storks, but not one, but the best of all in the cast. That is why they will ascend, but just then a problem occurs, since Junior activates the machine that creates babies.
She does it by accident, but that does not prevent an illegal baby being created, which has to find a home as soon as possible, because the little girl is not to blame for Junior’s clumsiness.
That makes Junior and his friend Tulip, who is the only human who lives with the storks, embark on an adventure that aims to find a family for the baby, something that is not easy, since it is not normal for a girl That you did not expect to appear at your door.

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