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Today may seem a lie, but at the beginning of the last century women could not vote. That is why, shortly before World War I, the movement of suffragettes was born, women who wanted to vote.
The suffragists were not upper-class women, but low-class, working-class women who were fed up with being trampled under their rights. That’s why they became radicalized, thinking that voting would solve some of their problems.
These women risked everything, for at that time in England the woman was a second-class being. By their protests they could be dismissed, and worse, their families could repudiate them, especially their husbands.
Maud is the woman who stars in these protests. Like so many others played everything to be able to vote as men did, in a struggle that was not easy because even many women were against the suffragists, thinking that politics was a men’s thing.

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