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Surely you know the saga of Rapido and Furioso. This movie Superfast! Is a parody of that saga, so you’re going to laugh a lot with her and her occurrences, which make the actors in the saga laughable.
The protagonist is Paul White who is going to join the band of Vin Sereto, who is the head of a kind of criminal gang that is dedicated to organize illegal races. Apparently, the band wants to give a good blow to a mafia boss.
This is good for Paul, so he joins them. The mafioso has his money hidden in a Taco Bell, so that among all they devise the way to steal the money. Being a parody, the way to steal money is more than curious.
It happens to steal the Taco Bell. They steal it whole, that is, they take the building with them and transport it all over the city.

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