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The Swan Princess: A Princess Tomorrow, A Pirate Today

The parents of Princess Alice have gone to spend the summer outside, so she remains in charge of Queen Uberta. During the summer, the princess will have to prepare to be a member of the royalty, so she has to work hard.
However, she does not want to spend the summer with the queen as she dreams of being a pirate over. That is why he escapes and embarks with Lord Rogers to make a long journey, full of adventure and also of danger.
Among the dangers of the voyage is the shipwreck and that is what happens to the ship. Thus, Princess Alice ends alone on a deserted island, or so she believes, since on the island is Lucas, a boy who has lived isolated.
Between the two they will try to leave the island, because it is not a safe place. In it inhabit a series of creatures that are not content that there is another girl in their domains.

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