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The Accountant

In film, Christian Wolff is the typical man of numbers who seems to lead an anodyne life. In the morning he works as an accountant in a small company, a job that he loves because he prefers numbers to people.
However, when evening falls, Christian has another job that nobody knows and becomes a hit man, who works for the worst criminal organizations around the world, a job that brings him a lot of money and the emotion he lacks in first.
His actions do not go unnoticed, so there is an agent who is investigating and is very close to him. In those days he gets a job that makes him hesitate, because he is a good person.
An accountant, like him, has discovered a million dollar error in the accounts of the company for which he works, so they have been charged to liquidate it, which he may not be able to do for the first time in a long time.

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