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In the film The Good Friend Giant (The BFG), Sofia is a girl without parents, reason why lives in an orphanage, an institution that takes care of the children who do not have parents. In that orphanage they have very strict rules, one of them being not to look out the window.
It is night and Sofia can not sleep, so she looks out the window. What she sees leaves her with her mouth open, because through the window she sees a giant. He looks out the window of the houses and when he sees Sofia decides that it is best to take him with him to his world.
In the world of the giant, he is an outcast because he does not eat children, like the rest of fellows. This giant is good-natured and would never do anything to harm children. In fact, I was in the world of men to keep dreams in small jars, dreams that later spread where there are children.
The giant and Sofia are going to have to return to the world of men, as the giants plan to eat all the children, something that both will try to avoid.

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