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The Birth of a Nation

In The Birth of a Nation, Nat Turner is a black child who lives in the early nineteenth century, and who of course is a slave, because it could not be otherwise at that time. He was intelligent, so from an early age he dedicated himself to learning to read on his own.
He learned to read with the Bible, so that as soon as he grew up he became a kind of preacher among his people, who nicknamed him “The Prophet”, since he was said to have visions.
His fame came to him in 1831, when he was an adult, when he led a revolt in Virginia, which managed to free many slaves from the plantations, at least for a while.
Nat is one of the most controversial characters in the history of the USA, because although he managed to free blacks from slavery, he did so through a violent insurrection that cost the lives of a huge number of people, including many children .

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