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The Boy

In The Boy, Greta is an American girl, very young, who wants to escape her past. That’s why she decides to put land on her feet and goes to England, where they offer her a babysitting job that she accepts delighted.
When she starts to work she is shocked. It turns out that the child he has to care for is not a child, but a real-life doll. As if all that was not strange enough, it turns out that when it comes to caring for the doll has to follow a very strict protocol.
Of course, Greta follows the rules when her bosses are close, but she does not follow them when there is nobody, because it is stupid to follow a protocol to take care of a doll, which is already useless.
However, when the rules break, some things start to happen, which makes Greta think that perhaps in the doll nest a kind of evil life form.

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