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The Brothers Grimsby

Spy for Error (The Brothers Grimsby) is a humorous film in which we will see Sebastian Grimsby, who is an agent of the British MI6, one of the best secret services in the world. He is a white glove agent, those who are always impeccable and at the same time ruthless.
Sebastian has a brother whom he hardly knows, since they have been separated more than two decades, when they were adopted by different families. His brother’s name is Nobby and he’s been looking for him for years.
Nobby is not at all like his brother. He is not a fearsome agent, but a village ploy that has nine children and an overweight girlfriend, which is typical of what one would expect from such a character.
When they finally find the shock they both suffer is bestial, but they are brothers and so they soon collaborate. They will work together in one of Sebastian’s cases, an important case because of him depends the future of the world.

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