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The Childhood of a Leader

Childhood of a Leader takes us to the decade of the twentieth century, just after the end of World War I, which ends in 1919. In particular, the film takes us to France, in the That we will see a family somewhat peculiar.
I say it is peculiar, because at that time it was not very common for some Americans to live in France, as with the family protagonist of this film, which shows us what happened in the Gallic country after the war.
The decade of the 20 is known as “Los Felices 20”, but the truth is that in that decade is when the germ of what will be fascism in Europe begins to emerge, a fascism that will do much damage in later years.
The young son of this family will be one of the leaders of fascism that will arise in these years, so that through him we will see the history of this movement in the Gallic country.

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