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The Choice

In the film In The Name of the Love, Travis Parker is a man who has it all in the life. He has triumphed, because he has a magnificent job, good friends, a good house, etc. However, she feels she is missing something to be complete, and that something is a girlfriend.
He does not have a girlfriend because he does not want to, because he thinks that his lifestyle would be harmed by a woman next to him, although he thinks that because he has not met the right woman, that he will turn out to be his new neighbor.
Her name is Gabby and Travis notes that she really likes being with her. She always does her best to please her, even though she knows she has no chance with her, for Gabby has a boyfriend.
However, in the end the two begin a relationship, which ends not too long. At that point Travis has to start thinking about what he is willing to sacrifice so that their relationship continues, something very complicated for a man like him.

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