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The Culling

Five friends have been left to have a good time, watching a concert of one of their favorite groups, which plays outside the city. When they arrive at the parking lot of the concert, they find a seven-year-old girl who seems lost.
The girl tells them that she is lost and they do what we would do any of us, which is to help the girl. For a strange reason, instead of calling the police, they decide to take the girl to her house, which is very far from the area where the concert takes place.
When they finally leave the girl at home, safe and sound, they realize that they have to stay there for the night, since it is more than likely that they will not be able to find their way back into the darkness.
The five friends stay with the girl, without suspecting that her good work will bring terrible consequences, as it is possible that none of them leave alive from that house.

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