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The Darkest Dawn

In the film The Darkest Dawn, an aspiring film director is with her camera in a corner of Great Britain without knowing that she is going to record the worst event ever occurred in her country.
This girl, having fun with her sister casually records an alien invasion, which of course causes chaos in this country.
From the moment in which the ships arrive, the recording takes a backseat, although this girl will do everything possible to document everything, always prioritizing survival.
To stay alive is not easy, and to achieve this, the two join other survivors, forming a somewhat strange group in which it is sometimes more difficult not to die at the hands of a similar person than at the hands of an alien.
The two sisters have a complex situation, because it is not the best time to be a woman and to be alone in a group of people who do not know if they will be alive in a while.

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