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The Exception

The film The Last Kiss of the Kaiser (The Exception) takes us to the beginning of the Second World War, one of the peak periods of espionage.
In the tape we will see a German officer who will be sent to Holland. This officer is a kind of spy whose mission is to investigate if the British spies have managed to infiltrate the house of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Shortly after arriving in Holland, the officer goes to meet a young girl he falls in love with, a young girl who turns out to be Jewish.
Of course, a German officer can not be in love with a Jewess since they are an inferior race and that is why they are exterminating them, but it seems that in this case love can more than the absurd rules of the Nazis.
This relationship will have consequences for the German, but also for the Kaiser, who will be involved in this relationship in a somewhat unpredictable way that he never imagined.

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