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The Forest

In the movie The Forest, Aokigahara is a sadly famous forest at the foot of the beautiful Mount Fuji in Japan. I say that it is sadly famous because it is known as the “forest of suicides”. It is not known why, but for years many people have entered it to kill themselves.
Sara is an American who goes to the forest not to commit suicide, but to look for her sister, who apparently went in to take her life. The locals tell her not to enter the forest, but she does not pay attention because she wants to know what has happened to her sister.
As she enters the forest, Sara realizes the reason why the inhabitants warned her. When he is inside, a great number of souls tormented by the death that they had occurred to him.
Even the dead come to pass, in order to take advantage of it. Thus, Sara is going to live a nightmare, which will be good if she can find out what happened to her sister.

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