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The Fundamentals of Caring

In the film The Fundamentals of Caring, Ben is a retired writer who has had to go through a personal tragedy. It has affected him so much that he has decided that he is going to take care of the sick for the rest of his life, so he does a kind of six-week course, which qualifies him for his new job.
That’s how he meets Trevor, who is his first client. Trevor is a 16 year old boy, a teenager who says what he thinks and does not stop talking. The boy has muscular dystrophy, so he needs someone to take care of him.
When they talk they realize that they both have a problem. In the case of Trevor the problem is more evident, because it is a physical problem, whereas in Ben’s case the problem is hidden in his mind.
It seems that both are going to help each other, so it is possible that in the end Ben will be the one who helps to be the one who receives the help in the form of therapy thanks to his clients.

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