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The Gallows

In the movie The Gallows, everything goes back twenty years, when the boys of the institute of a small town organize a theatrical performance. The protagonist of the work passes away despite being a healthy young man and the work is paralyzed.
Twenty years later the boys of that institute learn of what happened long ago and decide that it would be a good idea to do that work that can not be carried out, as a tribute to the protagonist who died prematurely.
Everyone is happy with what they are going to do, because it is a nice thing to pay homage to a person who has died, and more when he died so early. What they do not know is that the homage is going to turn into a nightmare.
It seems that the dead boy does not want the play to be represented for any reason, something that will let the present actors know from the dead world, which will realize that it would have been better to stand still.

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