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The Last Knights

In this film The Last Knights we see the figure of a corrupt emperor, whose hands are stained with blood like all that are corrupted. In this case one of the murders that he commits will have fateful consequences for this tyrant.
In his murderous madness he killed a teacher with many disciples. The disciples of the assassinated are warriors, and also the best that can be found. When they learn of the death of their teacher they begin to organize.
They know that his master is dead and they know that he has died at the hands of the emperor. From that moment his sole objective will be to avenge the death of its teacher, which implies to kill the emperor.
Recall that they are elite warriors, so the emperor is going to have very complicated to come out alive for killing the wrong person. Will the warriors achieve their goal? It is possible, since now they only think about ending the emperor, no matter what it takes.

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